We introduce the topic in a short interview with Dr Nompilo Ndlovu and our project “Intersectional Feminism: Women’s stories from across the world” illustrating some of the universal themes in the global feminist movement.


Intersectional Feminism Demystified

Dr Nompilo Ndlovu, oral historian and gender expert describes how she uses intersectional feminism in her work to include everyone. Watch now!

Intersectional Feminism: Women's stories from across the world

We are excited to announce our research project.

Claudia Calvert and Kate Bird are exploring whether patriarchy is experienced similarly, or differently, in different country contexts.

Drawing on case studies and the international literature, they have found that patriarchy has some universal features: punishment of women and men who transgress socially ascribed gender norms; unequal access to and control of (productive) resources; self-ownership and bodily integrity.