Decolonising Development Resources

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Practical Tools for Decolonisation

We have curated practical resources on entry points for action on decolonising development, localisation, anti-racism and shifting power. This brand new list of practical & hands-on resources cover themes such as participatory grant-making, contracting, and localisation. Also listen to our podcast for insights into how thinkers, practioners and activists are pushing for progressive change in their own organisations. 

We will be adding to this over the coming weeks and months and would be grateful to receive your recommendations! Please send to 



Contracting and partnership agreements



    Locally led development

    Mutual capacity strengthening

    Participatory grantmaking

    Personal transformation

    Sector reform

    Understanding Decolonisation - Reading List

    We bring together a list of theory resources from both academics and practitioners in the field on essential themes in decolonisation including:

    • Decolonising the Northern mind
    • Gender and decolonisation
    • Organisational transformation

    We split them into quick, easy reads and more in-depth and expert content, so you can dive in. Take a look and let us know what you think!

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