Decolonising Development: Entry Points for Action

Webinar. Thursday 13 July 2023. 13.00-14.30 (BST)

Panel discussion


Decolonising development: Entry Points for Action. How can organisation identify priority first steps in decolonising and becoming firmly anti-racist? Once they have achieved those first steps, how do they identify the second and third steps? How do they maintain momentum when the process is messy and often contested.

In this seminar we explored the practical steps that organisations can take to identify focal issues in terms of race and coloniality; some ways to increase accountability when working to improve individual and organisational practice around anti-racism and decolonisation and also how to build better and more equitable partnerships – both internally and externally.

The panel members, Lena Bheeroo (BOND), Disha Sughand (Womankind Worldwide) and Allan Moolman (Oxfam GB) guide us through these issues, drawing on the practical lessons of doing just this in their organisations.

Personal reflection and learning is a key first step in anti-racist and decolonising action and so participants will be invited to reflect on their own experiences and also on how the frameworks and approaches presented can be adjusted and adapted to their own work and organisations.

The webinar was recorded and made available to participants along with a Resource Pack of practical approaches for decolonising development.

Panel members

Lena Bheeroo (Bond)


Lena Bheeroo (BOND) leads the anti-racism and wider decolonising sector work at Bond, working with members and global partners, initiatives and movements.

Lena co-authored Bond’s Racism, power and truth: Experience of people of colour in international development report and developed Bond’s Anti-Racist and Decolonised Framework.

She is a trustee of EachOther, a working group member of the Racial Equity Index, a group of BIPOC volunteers based around the world, working to build a racial equity index to hold the global development sector to account. She is also a Committee Member and Organiser at Charity So White, the award-winning campaign which aims to root out racism from the UK charity sector.

Lena brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussion and will focus specifically on how Bond’s Anti-Racist and Decolonised Framework can help organisations to identify their key challenges and entry points for action.

Disha Sughand (Womankind Worldwide)


Disha Sughand (Womankind Worldwide) is the Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Womankind Worldwide where she leads the resourcing of feminist movements and women’s rights organisations. She has over 22 years of experience in fundraising and marketing for UK and international social justice causes, including over 12 years at Womankind. Disha is also Co-Chair of GADN (the Gender and Development Network).

Womankind Worldwide has sought accountability in embedding anti-racism in the way that they work internally and with partners by developing an anti-racist pledge and regularly assessing the performance of individual staff members and the organisation as a whole against the benchmarks set in the pledge.

Disha will tell us more about this pledge and how it has supported organisational change during the discussion.

Allan Moolman (Oxfam GB)


Allan Moolman (Oxfam GB) is currently the Interim Head of Partnerships for Oxfam GB with the responsibility for the implementation of the Oxfam GB decolonial Partnerships Strategy. He has worked for Oxfam since 2007, including as Country Director in South Africa (his country of origin) and Head of Programme in Tanzania.

Before joining Oxfam, Allan worked in a number of local non-governmental and community-based organisations in South Africa and his work has always included a strong emphasis on power and the need to transform power relations at the interpersonal, organisational and sectoral level.

Allan will talk through how -in a practical sense – partnerships in international development and humanitarian action can be reconfigured so that they enable decolonised and anti-racist ways of working.

Panel chairs

Kate Bird (The Development Hub)


Prof Kate Bird is the Director of The Development Hub, Professor of Practice at the University of Surrey, Associate with the Chronic Poverty Advisory Network and Senior Associate with ODI.

She has over 25 years experience leading international research, training and consultancy teams and is co-host of the podcast ‘The Power Shift: Decolonising Development’.

Charmaine McCaulay


Charmaine McCaulay is an expert in racism and inter-racial interactions and lead facilitator of the ground breaking programme ‘Racism in Real Time’.

She is a somatic psychotherapist and Director of Kokoro Therapy, co-host of the podcast ‘The Power Shift: Decolonising Development’ and Senior Associate at The Development Hub where she leads on anti-racism.