Advisory and Consultancy Services

Our advisory services support the design and delivery of policies & interventions for growth, equity and well-being.

Economic Transformation

We support governments and development partners to identify entry points for economic transformation, bottom up growth and the eradication of extreme poverty.

We use mixed methods analysis to understand poverty dynamics at the national and sub-national level. This has given us a robust understanding of the lived experience of people living in poverty across low and middle income countries. We understand risk and resilience. Farm households, microentrepreneurs and informal sector workers respond to risk and opportunties to build enhanced well-being. They stitch together livelihoods that work for them. Risk is mitigated and opportunities created where policy and the enabling environment is effective. This makes productivity growth and sustained accumulation more likely, driving pro-poorest and bottom up growth.

Our advice can support effective and inclusive design, monitoring and evaluation of national or local policy as well as community level interventions.


Power, agency and transformation

Intersectional feminism:

We use gender and social analysis tools to support policy, project and programme design, monitoring and evaluation.

Our understanding of power and positionality informs the way we work. We seek to integrate an intersectional perspective to identify ways that policies, projects and programmes can be inclusive and effective. Our inputs help clients to address exclusion, marginalisation and adverse incorporation and deliver equity and social justice.

Our experience extends across integrating gender analysis into policies and programmes. These can range from macro and trade policy, to sectoral programmes through to projects delivering support to informal sector workers.

Shifting power and decolonisation:

We bring together thinkers, practitioners and activists on shifting power, localisation, decolonisation and anti-racist action through hosting the podcast “The Power Shift: Decolonising Development”.

Our webinars and workshops and research focus on entry points for action. We curate resources to support organisations and individuals wishing to transform the development and humanitarian ecosystem.

We also support organisations wanting to navigate the messy and often contested reality of personal, team working and organisational transformation. Our team does this by creating safe spaces for discussion, by sharing good practice from across the ecosystem and by sharing ideas and mentoring or accompaniment.

Policy analysis

We have experience in assessing the impact of existing (and potential future) policies on different social and economic groups at the national and sub-national level. We provide analysis that unpicks the actual or likely future impact on different groups and identifies how negative impacts might be mitigated. We provide clear and practical applied advice to policy makers and project and programme design and implementation professionals.

This analysis is supported by our poverty and social analysis and robust economic analysis to understand how policy impacts are transmitted through macro, sectoral and sub-sectoral transmission channels to the community, household and sub-household level.  


Evaluation and impact assessment

We have expertise in monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment at the project, programme and policy levels:

  • design monitoring systems – identify indicators, design baseline measures, develop systems for ongoing monitoring
  • mid-term evaluations
  • programme evaluations
  • impact assessments

Our track record includes work with the Africa Union, Danida, the EU, DFID/ FCDO and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.