The Power Shift: Decolonising Development

5-day immersion

Skills for decolonising development and humanitarian action

Decolonising development. Shifting power.  Localisation. Community-led development.

Lots of words!

Decolonising development is much discussed and the Shift the Power movement has grown. Many from both the majority and minority worlds (Global South and North) are engaging passionately and demanding progressive change.

Despite growing interest and commitment action has lagged behind and progress is uneven.

The reality is hard! Personal and organisational transformation is slow and messy – it can be difficult to maintain momentum.

This is where we come in, with a free 5-day immersion.


This 5-day immersion will enable participants to:

  • upgrade your professional practice
  • identify entry points for practical action
  • boost your confidence in your ability to decolonise your professional practice
  • give you access to good practice across the sector
  • create space for discussion
  • build community with your peers working on decolonisation – together we are stronger!
  • provide opportunities to explore challenging issues in small groups
  • enable skill-sharing between you and others


This programme includes:

  • 3x pre-recorded live sessions to watch at your leisure
    • Module 1: Why decolonise?
    • Module 2: Personal transformation & working better together
    • Module 3: Money and power, power and money
  • Live Q&A session
    • Breakout rooms for live discussions on each module
  • Workbook – with useful links and exercises
  • Resource Pack – to guide your practice

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Kate Bird (The Development Hub)


Prof Kate Bird co-hosts the podcast ‘The Power Shift: Decolonising Development’.

Kate is an experrienced trainer and educator. She has designed and led post-graduate programmes and facilitated professional international training programmes for nearly 3 decades.

Kate is the Director of The Development Hub, Professor of Practice at the University of Surrey, Associate with the Chronic Poverty Advisory Network and Senior Associate with ODI.

She has a wealth of experience to draw on, having nearly 30 years experience leading international research, training and consultancy teams. 

Nompilo Ndlovu (The Development Hub)


Dr Nompilo Ndlovu guest co-hosts the podcast ‘The Power Shift: Decolonising Development’.

Nompilo is recognised for her excellence in teaching, training and facilitating.

Nompilo is a Senior Associate at The Development Hub and Centre Director at the Centre for International Educational Exchange (CIEE), Cape Town, South Africa.

She brings her expertise as an oral historian and intersectional feminist to her work. Her Doctoral thesis exploring the oral (Black) history versus the written (White) history of the Gukurahundi Massacre in Zimbabwe provides her with particular insights into the ‘historical present’ reality of coloniality.

Nompilo has worked with civil society organisations and social movements. She also has extensive experience leading teams across the African continent, implementing interdisciplinary research and advisory projects for UN agencies, bilateral donors and the African Union, amongst others.