The Development Hub

Our focus

The Development Hub is a social enterprise with a focus on decolonising development and intersectional feminism, poverty dynamics and bottom up growth.

We identify entry points for action, locking together research; advisory services; training; policy engagement, advocacy and communications. We aim to contribute to social justice and the rebalancing of power and privilege, including through enabling marginalised people to have their voices heard in national policy spaces and in international decision-making fora.

Our communications and advocacy work includes our podcast series ‘The Power Shift: Decolonising Development’ and our webinar series.

South-focused world

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We deliver robust and rigorous mixed methods research in our key themes of poverty and resilience, bottom up growth, intersectional feminism and decolonising development.

We have expertise at all stages of the research process – from research design through to data collection, coding and analysis, to dissemination and policy engagement.


Our training brings development professionals together online and in person to share ideas and build new skills that they can take into their day to day work.

We deliver offer online, in-person and hybrid approaches to build capacity and support personal and organisational transformation.

Our online programme on decolonising development launches in early 2024.


We provide advisory services to governments and development practitioners.

Our work centres on enabling organisations to improve their policy and practice in the areas of economic transformation (poverty eradication and bottom up growth) and power, agency and transformation (intersectional feminism and decolonisation).